Simply attach to your easily lost items, and press to find! Find your lost items QUICKLY with uPager
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The uPager key finder is simple, here's how it works:
1. Attach the color-coded beepers to items you’re likely to lose.
find wallet find cat find tv remote find keys  
slip inside wallet attach to pet collar stick to tv remote using
self-adhesive (included)
attach to keys  
upager key finder
2. When you’ve lost something, press a button
on the uPager remote and follow the sound!
press button to find find keys between cushion
press button follow sound... found! between cushions  
advantages of uPager key finder over competing products
• Beepers which also flash, for finding
in the dark
• Ultra-thin style buzzers, so they don’t
make a bulge in your wallet/purse.
• Stylish design for keyring beepers.
• Exceptional value for money.
Each set includes four beepers (plus two adhesive strips) and 1 uPager remote. Batteries included.
upager key finder details


As you can see, uPager is far more than just a key finder. It is a must-have product for anybody who frequently loses items around their home. Because of its versatile design, it can easily be placed in a wallet or purse, attached to a TV remote, or even pets. The uPager key finder can be used to find an endless range of items. For example, some people have used the uPager to find their eye-glasses (by attaching uPager to the case), whilst others have used it to find their calculator.

The Radio Frequency (RF) signal from the transmitter works through walls and ceilings, and is easily heard (95 decibel sound). Range is up to 24m (open space). Unlike the commonly seen sonic whistle key finders, the uPager is high-quality and reliable.

The uPager finds up to 4 items – since a person who frequently lose their keys, for instance, is likely to lose their wallet or purse as well. Also, there is often more than one person in the household who often loses items.

It’s usually when people are in a great rush that they can’t find what they’re looking for. uPager key finder allows people to quickly find those necessities with the press of a button. Saves a lot of stress!

There are some people who never seem to lose anything, if you are one of those people, uPager key finder makes a great gift for those who do!

Radio Frequency Vs Sonic Key finder

uPager key finder is a Radio Frequency (RF) device. That is, it has a remote which sends a radio frequency (RF) signal to make each of the beepers activate. Similar to the type of signal sent out by keyless entry devices. This means that it's unlikely that the beepers will activate randomly, because they only respond to a specific signal frequency.

The sonic key finder (common called "whistle key finder"), respond to sound (e.g. when you whistle, it beeps). The problem with sonic key finders is that they often respond to background noise. So it might beep unexpectedly while your at the supermarket, at a party, or even at a meeting. On the other hand, sometimes even if you whistle it won't beep, due to the imprecise nature of the device. Additionally, if you have more than one, they'll all start beeping if you whistle. Whereas each individual beeper of the uPager is waiting for a precise RF signal from the uPager remote, and is therefore much less vulnerable to false alarms.

Beeper Design Advantage

As shown in the introduction, each set comes with TWO styles of beepers. Two ultra-thin beepers, and two key ring style beepers.

Ultra-Thin Style

ultra-thin design for finding wallet and remoteThe uPager beepers are designed for maximum versatility. The ultra-thin beepers are specially designed for putting inside wallets/purses, or attaching items such as glasses cases, calculators, pencil cases. Our ultra-thin beepers, are thinner than all known competitors products. Meaning maximum utility and minimum obstruction. Inside a wallet, for instance, you won't even notice it, except of course when you want to find it!

Key Ring Style

key ring design for finding keys and petsAlthough we call it Key Ring style, these beepers can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be attached to anything which has provision for a key ring attachment (e.g. pet collar, back pack). The uPager key-ring style beepers have a sleek and stylish design. During market research, we found that many people found competitors products to be eyesores. Woman in particular noticed this, and would not have such a product on their key ring for that very reason. That's why we took great care to ensure the beeper design was visually pleasing. Additionally, our key ring beepers have a flashing LED for finding in the dark, a feature generally lacking in competitors' products.

uPager Remote Design Advantage

transmitter for triggering beepers in order to find lost itemThe uPager Remote is the core part of the uPager key finder. Pushing a button on the remote triggers the corresponding beeper to activate. Our remote is smaller than all known competitors products, allowing you to put it in a practical location without causing any obstruction. And because of its light weight, it can easily be attached with blue-tack to the wall or fridge (so you don't lose it!) It also contains a cavity so it can be hung.

The buttons of the remote are colour-coded, each colour corresponds to a beeper marked with the same colour. So you press the red button, for instance, if you want to find your wallet which contains the red beeper.

Additional User Comments 

Here are some additional comments we have heard.

• Great quality. I used to have one of those whistle finders, so I can appreciated this one!!!
• Exceeded my expectations. So easy to use!! Never have to worry about losing my purse again!
• This is fantastic. With the sound I know the direction of where to look, and with the flashing LED I can spot my keys instantly.
• I attached one to my cat and another to my son. Now I don't even have to call them!
• I have been using the uPager key finder to find the garage remote. Sometimes we went without it for a few days as it's so easy to misplace. No more inconvenience, can find it straight away!
• I got bought one as a gift for my girlfriend. She always misplaced her purse, or her keys, or SOMETHING! Would always keep me waiting. Now she has no excuse!!!
• On rainy days I could never find the umbrella and ended up soaked. uPager key finder has proved to be the perfect solution.
• Thanks for sending the product so promptly, we needed it badly!
• Such a relief to have this product. I'd almost go insane trying to find my purse.
• Very nifty product! Been looking for something like this for a long time.
• Hey this is wonderful. My cousin bought it as a gift for me, used it twice this week already. Very practical.
• Ahh finally, will never lose the TV remote under the couch again! Attached one to the Air Conditioner remote as well for good measure.
• As a student, I always lost my keys and wallet under piles of books and papers. Would create an even bigger mess trying to find them.
• Every week misplaced my glasses... I attached a uPager to the case... problem solved. I just have to make sure I put my glasses in the case!!
• This product has saved me a lot of stress. I'd always lose things at the most inopportune times.
• I would always lose a reference manual which I used frequently. Wasted a lot of time trying to find it. Now if I can't find it, I just press a button. Very happy!